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Lipoma Treatment Options

In general, lipomas do not require treatment. However, patients will often seek lipoma removal if the growths have become painful, unsightly, or bothersome. Lipoma treatment is a fairly routine procedure, has minimal risks, and can be performed in a doctor’s office or outpatient center. Here at La Peer’s Center of Excellence, our staff of surgeons may recommend surgical removal, liposuction, or the squeeze method as options for removing your fatty lumps . All of our surgeons are specifically trained in fatty lumps diagnosis and surgical methods with minimal to no scarring.

Lipoma Treatment Surgery – During lipoma removal surgery, a specialist will inject a local anesthetic near the fatty lumps , make an incision, remove the lump, and suture the incision site. Patients can leave our newly remodeled facility the same day as their surgery.

The Squeeze Technique – This is a minimally invasive treatment technique in which a surgeon will make a small incision or hole and “squeeze” the fatty tissue through until it is completely removed.

Liposuction – Lipomas are comprised of fatty tissues and can in some instances be removed via liposuction. However, this method is far less common than other methods.

Visiting one of the highly trained surgeons at our surgical Center is the best way to determine the most effective means of moving your fatty lumps with minimal scarring.

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Lipoma Removal Surgery


Q: Do I have a lipoma?

A: A lipoma is an accumulation of fatty cells that forms just underneath the dermis, is soft and doughy to the touch, and typically appears on the torso, neck, or armpits. A specialist can often diagnose fatty lumps simply by their appearance. If you have any growth or protrusion that you think may be a lipoma, contact a specialist for a proper diagnosis.

Q: What are the most common treatments?

A: Many patients seek treatment for fatty lumps that have become painful, unsightly, or begin to interfere with daily functioning. Lipomas are typically removed surgically or by using the squeeze technique in which a small incision is made, and the fatty material is “squeezed” out through the opening. This surgery is a routine procedure, usually only requires a local anesthetic, and can be performed as an outpatient procedure if so desired.

Q: How do I know which treatment is right for me?

A: Our staff of expertly trained specialists can help you evaluate your current condition and goals, and devise a personalized treatment plan for optimal results. To learn more about which lipoma treatment option may be best for you, contact our staff of medical experts at (888) 316-9905.

Q: What is the cost of lipoma removal?

A: The cost of lipoma removal is dependent upon the severity of your condition, the treatment plan your doctor recommends, and any potential insurance coverage. To speak with a specialist and receive a quote for your treatment, please contact us.

Q: How long is the recovery period following lipoma excision?

A: Most patients report a swift and easy recovery following fatty lumps excision. Some bleeding or swelling is common within the first 48 hours, however, most patients report feeling well enough to resume daily activities as soon as 24 hours followingremoval.

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