Many patients who undergo lipoma treatment surgery are concerned about having a lipoma scar post-surgery. While it is possible that a small lipoma removal scar will be left after the procedure, our board-certified surgeons specialize in the most minimally invasive techniques that create the least amount of scarring possible.

If you suffer from a lipoma (or multiple lipomas), there are treatment options available. At the our Center of Excellence in Los Angeles, our world-renowned surgeons are experts at removing these fatty tumors with minimal scarring.

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Lipoma Treatment Surgery

Skin Lump Excision Los AngelesLipoma removal surgery (lipoma excision) involves an incision being made to the skin above the fatty tissue. After creating the incision, the surgeon removes the fatty tumors completely, and sutures the skin once the tumor has been excised. Surgery to remove a skin lump is typically very quick, and can be done on an outpatient basis.

This kind of surgery recovery time is minimal, and patients can go home the same day as their surgeries, usually returning to work and other daily activities the following day.

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Lipoma Removal Scar

Following your procedure, you may experience a minimal amount of scarring around the area where these fatty tumors are removed, which is normal. Over time the removal scar will fade, and if you follow your specialist surgeon’s post-operative instructions, it should eventually be invisible or almost invisible.

For many people, the benefits of lipoma treatment far outweigh the small concern about scarring. Having your fat lump removed can mean relief from any pain associated with the fatty tumor, as well as a return to the natural appearance of your skin – with no lump to feel self-conscious about. Our surgeons were trained in top programs and practice the most cutting-edge procedures, a fact which enables them to minimize and even sometimes completely eliminate the scarring associated with lipoma treatment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I minimize scarring from fatty tumor treatment ?

A: If you follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions carefully, and are reserved in your movements until the stitches have completely healed, you should experience little to no scarring. Additionally, you can apply vitamin E to the area once it has healed to help reduce scarring. Over time, your scar should fade significantly or even disappear completely. However, the best way to reduce scarring is by removing the fatty tumor while it is still small.

Q: How much does skin lump treatment cost?

A: If you undergo skin lump removal for health reasons, such as severe pain or other health issues, you may be eligible to have your surgery covered by insurance. For patients who choose to undergo this procedure for aesthetic purposes, insurance may not cover it. However, we always work with patients to find the best financing options that work for them and fit their needs.

Q: How long is surgery recovery?

A: Recovery from this skin lump surgery is typically very fast, and patients are usually able to return to their normal activities the day after surgery. However, your surgeon may require you to follow certain aftercare instructions to ensure a proper, thorough recovery.

Lipoma Removal in Los Angeles

While many people who suffer from painful or unsightly skin lumps wish to have them removed, they may be afraid to have surgery out of fear that they will have a excision scar. However, scarring from this procedure is minimal, and at the Lipoma Removal Center of Excellence, our surgeons specialize in the least invasive procedures that leave very little to no scarring.

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