La Peer Health Systems’ Lipoma Removal Center of Excellence, we take pride in offering our patients the most technologically advanced and comfortable environment for undergoing surgery. Because utilizing the best technology available is vital for providing the highest quality patient care, the facilities at our surgical center recently underwent a multi-million dollar makeover.

Green Energy Initiatives

La Peer Health Systems was completely renovated to become a GREEN SPACE. Our environmentally responsible initiatives include:

  • High recycled content in fabric, furniture, cabinetry substrates and ceiling tiles
  • Highly efficient lighting throughout the facilities
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and no added urea-formaldehyde in any materials (adhesives, paint and coatings)
  • FSC-certified veneer wood
  • Locally made custom furniture
  • Zoned lighting for individual control
  • Glass doors that transmit natural light into our interior space
  • All equipment rated by EnergyStar

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The Lipoma Removal Center of ExcelleLa Peer Surgery roomnce is a world-renowned facility that houses some of the best board-certified surgeons in the country. We accept Cigna, Aetna, Unite and Health Net, but can also accommodate patients with outside insurance providers. In addition to working at our outpatient surgery center, some of our surgeons also team up with Cedars Sinai Medical Center, and can perform lipoma treatments there for patients who prefer a hospital setting.

To learn more about Cedar Sinai lipoma treatments, or similar procedures at our outpatient surgery center, please call (888)316-9905 or fill out our online contact form.

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