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Is Lipoma Removal Necessary?

Most people who have a gastrointestinal lipoma have no idea that a benign tumor is growing in their colon. In general, these soft tissue masses do not cause any symptoms and remain small. They are typically diagnosed during a routine colonoscopy or when testing for symptoms caused by another condition. Rarely, however, they do need 
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Lipoma Treatment Options: What Is The Best Choice?

Lipomas are benign tumors that occur in soft tissues. About 1 out of every 100 people will develop a lipoma, meaning you have about a one percent chance of getting one of the benign tumors. For most, they don’t pose any type of harm. Colonic lipomas are those that occur in the gastrointestinal tract. Most 
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Why You Should See a Specialist for Your Lipoma

If you have a lipoma, you probably are more bothered by its unsightliness than anything else. Most lipomas are benign growths, but it is a good idea to have a specialist examine it just in case. Rather than go to a general practitioner, you should speak with a specialist who is experienced in diagnosing and 
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5 Signs Your Fatty Tumor Should Be Removed

A lipoma is a type of soft tissue tumor that appears directly beneath the skin. While most people won’t suffer any negative effects from a lipoma, there are number of ways in which health and wellbeing can be compromised. If you have such a growth, it’s vital that you know when fatty tumor removal surgery 
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Types of Lipomas

Lipoma is another name for benign fatty tumors. Typically they are not medically dangerous, but they can be quite painful and in come cases unsightly. If your doctor considers it necessary, they might recommend removal of the lipoma. Knowing whether or not you qualify for this procedure is the first step in treating it, and 
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What Is the Difference Between a Lipoma and a Liposarcoma?

Lipomas and liposarcomas are both tumors that form from fat cells. However, while lipomas are comprised of benign soft tissue, liposarcomas are malignant, cancerous tumors. Both lipomas and liposarcomas may be removed by surgery. Although lipomas are not life threatening, many patients choose to have lipoma surgery for cosmetic or other reasons. At the Lipoma 
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Do Lipomas Cause Cancer?

“Love the skin you’re in,” advised the old Nivea soap advertisement. But the appearance of unexplained lumps just below the surface of the skin often causes great anxiety and fear among patients. The discovery of lipomas — benign tumors that develop in adipose tissue — will invariably raise a red flag for cancer, but the good news is that these relatively uncommon soft tissue growths are almost always 
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