Direct relief Los AngelesAt the Lipoma Removal Center of Excellence, our doctors provide world-class healthcare and medicine to the local community in Los Angeles and Southern California.

We are aware that not everyone has access to top level healthcare, and our mission is to help those who are less fortunate.

Direct Relief

Direct Relief is an organization dedicated to helping impoverished people gain better access to health care services. Understanding that sick people without healthcare are often unable to work, causing them to remain impoverished, this organization strives to stop the intrinsic cycle of poverty.

By offering groundbreaking medical assistance programs to resource-poor communities, this organization helps to break this cycle of poverty and poor health, and help the less fortunate to have access to the treatments and healthcare they need.

Some of the primary focuses of Direct Relief include:

  • Better healthcare for women and children, especially for pregnancy and childbirth
  • Disease prevention and treatment, including AIDS and diabetes
  • Emergency preparedness and response, especially during natural disasters
  • Strengthening health systems within the Southern California community, as well as across the U.S. and in 72 other countries.

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