A lipoma is a type of soft tissue tumor that appears directly beneath the skin. While most people won’t suffer any negative effects from a lipoma, there are number of ways in which health and wellbeing can be compromised. If you have such a growth, it’s vital that you know when fatty tumor removal surgery is necessary.

Signs You Need Your Lipoma Removed

While each person who suffers from a fatty tumor will have to make their own decision as to when the growth is removed, there are certain signs that surgical removal is necessary. Knowing the following five symptoms can help prevent your condition from worsening.

1. Pain in the Tumor

While the fatty tissue that comprises a lipoma is typically benign, its placement may cause pain by pushing on nearby nerves and blood vessels. However, pain may also be a sign that the tumor is malignant. In either case, removal can end fatty tumor pain and prevent the condition from worsening.

2. Significant Growth

If your fatty tumor has experienced consistent growth over a short period of time, it may be a sign that the lipoma will only continue to grow larger. There is little you can do to stem the tumor’s growth other than surgical lipoma removal.

3. Continued Infection or Inflammation

Depending on the location of the fatty tumor, you may experience infection or inflammation. These conditions can damage nearby tissue, compromise your overall health, and harm your physical appearance. Removing the tumor can put a permanent end to the problem.

4. Discharge from the Tumor

Should your fatty tumor begin to develop a discharge, especially a foul smelling one, it may be a sign that the growth has become severely infected. In these instances, the lipoma may change from a simple condition to one that can seriously harm your health. Removal is often the quickest, most complete manner to deal with these conditions.

5. Harming your Appearance and Wellbeing

Fatty tumors can develop anywhere on the body. Because of this, they can also affect your self-esteem. Thankfully, surgery can be done to remove the lump with minimal scarring.

If you are experiencing any of these in connection to your lipoma, it may be a sign that you need to have the fatty tumor removed as soon as possible. With the help of a skilled surgeon, you can put an end to your condition and ensure that your health is not compromised in a more serious way.

Staying Healthy with Skilled Fatty Tumor Surgeons

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